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Welcoming Maddy Oakes to the Editorial Team

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Hi there everyone!

With only a week to go until the Hidden Perspectives festival is upon us we’ve got some exciting news to announce! Owing to the success of the blog (thanks to you dear readers and followers!) we’ve decided to add our wonderful contributor Maddy Oakes to the editorial team behind the Hidden Perspectives blog! Maddy will serve as co-editor alongside myself, making it easier to post more, answer more comments and generally give you all something good to read everyday!

I want to take this time to really encourage you to a) Come along to the festival on June 1st; ( I can’t be more excited about it! This is a groundbreaking festival and I guarantee you’ll be glad you were there!) and  b) Tell your friends about the festival! The more people the better! If you’re feeling shy, send out a tweet (we’re at @hperspectives if you want to say Hi!), if you could help us get the word out there, in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading, thanks for your comments and we’ll see you on June 1st!


A word from Maddy: Yeah, just to reiterate all that Emily has already said, we are delighted with the reader response to the blog and, with it being only a week away, we are getting very excited about the Festival.  I feel very privileged to take up the co-editor role and hope to aid Emily in the great work she’s already begun!

Author: Hidden Perspectives

A research project within the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) at The University of Sheffield.

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