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The Hidden Perspectives Festival Schedule is Here!


It’s finally here! Check out the festival schedule and you are spoilt for choice!

Hp Fest Schedule


Author: Hidden Perspectives

A research project within the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) at The University of Sheffield.

15 thoughts on “The Hidden Perspectives Festival Schedule is Here!

  1. Ooo HP’s glasses have gone very Dame Edna-esque!

  2. Are you referring to Hugh Pyper’s glasses or Hidden Perspectives’?!

  3. Haha I was referring to Hidden Perspectives

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  5. Any indication of what these speakers, none of whom I have ever heard of, are going to speak on?

    • Details of each speaker are either available on their profile page on our website (from the top menu under ‘Participants’ ) or via interviews on the blog. Hope this clears it up for you! Hope to see you on Saturday!

      • Nope, none the clearer. I’d really like to know about the subject matter rather than the personalities. But maybe I’m looking at the wrong festival?

  6. Whoops! Too many “of”s!

    • Yes, too many ofs. Don’t you hate it when your attempt to produce the rhetorical effect of “pompous dismissal” is totally let down by inept writing?

      • I hate it even more when my frustration comes out sounding like pomposity. I aint got owt ter be pompous abaat!

      • I apologize for mistaking your sexual frustration for pomposity. Easily done on this medium. If I see you on Saturday, I will offer you a personally signed copy of my best-selling clop-fic novella, as both a peace offering and potential cure for your frustration.

        btw: loved the patois; didn’t understand a word, though.

    • Oooh I actually find it quite a turn on when men act like they are stern and experienced 65 year-old players! You can give me as many “ofs” as you like, clever clogs!

      See you on June 1st!

      Nancy P

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  9. Good news! I will be flying into the United Kingdom on Friday, for business in Slough, so I am hoping to make it to Sheffield on Saturday.

    Look forward to stimulating talks and conversation.

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