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Recapping the Festival: Music

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Part VI: Music

Continuing our series of festival summaries we bring you a recap of the music from the day.

CN Lester provided the first musical performance of the festival with a breath-taking lecture recital centred around the music of Handel, Vivaldi and Strozzi.  Lester had the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the recital, which was in the format of an academic talk interspersed with classical singing.  Lester provided an insightful and eye-opening examination of the ways in which biblical narratives, messages and characters are queered in the telling through the standard subversions of Baroque oratorio and religious song.

CN Lester

CN Lester

Following the excitement of Dominic Mattos’ cabaret performance, which was summarised in the previous instalment, Mark Finney and Jamie Parker began to set the scene for the evening entertainment that was yet to come.  This dynamic duo gave a thoroughly enjoyable jazz performance, their passion and enjoyment rubbed off on to their audience.

Parker on keys and Finney on guitar

Parker on keys and Finney on guitar

Sophia Pettit was next to grace the stage.  Pettit has been around on the Sheffield music scene for a while as a member of The Mother Folkers and also as part of The Audacious Art Experiment, but she took to the Hidden Perspective stage in a solo capacity.  There was a true beauty in the simplicity of one girl, a guitar and a great voice.  Her vocals were memorising and sounded stylistically similar to Joanna Newsome.  One audience member summed Pettit up perfectly: “she had really very beautiful songs…her performance was a-mazing!”

Andrew Lips followed on from Pettit and performed an album, ‘Skin Hunger’, which had been written especially for the Hidden Perspectives festival.  The performance got my foot tapping due to the catchy and up-beat tempo, but there was a personal note as Lips drew on personal experiences in hir lyrics, covering topics such as sexuality and body issues.  You should all go and listen to Lips’ bandcamp, hir was brilliant!


Andrew Lips

Continuing the great line-up of bands was A Womb of One’s Own, who one guest described as “one of the best bands I’ve seen in ages!”  This duo were fabulous, with funny lyrics, electronic ukes and accents that left a grin on everyone’s face.  (So much so one person said “it got kind of painful after a while – a good kind of painful that is.”)


A Womb of One’s Own

The whole festival was brought to a close by duo ONSIND; an acronym which is short for ‘One Night Stand in North Dakota’; a reference to the lack of adequate abortion facilities in some areas of the USA.  This band got everyone on their feet and certainly got myself ready for the summer festival season.  Give them a listen here.  Their final song ‘Heterosexuality is a construct’ was a more than fitting close to the festival!



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A research project within the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) at The University of Sheffield.

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