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Recapping the Festival: Other Contributors

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Part VII: Other Contributors

Continuing with our summaries of the festival this installment will look at other contributors to the festival. These people played massive roles in making the festival diverse, interesting and most importantly… successful! We felt they deserved a special mention as most don’t fall under our previous summary categories of Poetry, Drama, Art, Lectures, Cabaret and Music. Enjoy!

Chella Quint, while not able to attend the festival, created a zine based on the well-known biblical story of Noah and the Ark and was entitled, ‘The Animals and the Ark and the Rainbow’. Quint explains this best on her participants page as; The Animals and the Ark and the Rainbow is a YA fiction zine written from the perspective of one young person’s irreverent, scholarly, and brave response to that pastor who said gay marriage caused the Great Flood. The zine includes two hand-created fonts (one is a handwriting font, and the other is made up of various animal dingbats) and full colour illustrations. The zine being both creative and educational was difficult to put down. Although written in school homework style it was by no means just for young people but had a strong resounding message for all, both young and old and was therefore a pleasure to read.

cq what up

Chella Quint

Unfortunately Johanna Stiebert was unable to make the festival, however had planned a lecture on Leviticus, Leviticus – What’s Going On Here? Stiebert’s lecture was sure to be both riveting and enlightening focusing on the commonly referenced biblical passages (Lev. 18:22 and 20:13, and the Stories of Sodom (Genesis 19) and Gibeah (Judges 19)) which are used to support of homophobic attitudes and opinions.

johanna stiebert copy

Johanna Stiebert

Jon Morgan is the genius behind the eye catching and beautiful Hidden Perspectives logos. As if that wasn’t enough hard work, designing from scratch the project logo and the festival logo, he was also the festival photographer. Unfortunately this means there are no pictures of Morgan at the festival since he was the man behind the camera. Almost all of the beautiful pictures that having popping up on the blog are courtesy of Morgan and his eye for a good shot!

Kittredge Cherry and Mary Button, while not attending the festival contributed a fantastic combination of beautiful art and thought provoking commentary. For a summary on their work please follow this link to the art summary where their contributions are discussed in more detail.

Kittredge Cherry With Stone Wall

Kittredge Cherry


Mary Button

Sandra Baker put on a display that although stemming from her MA research in The Local and The Global at Sheffield Hallam University, looked as if it was created solely for the Hidden Perspectives Festival! The display charts and explores Sheffield’s LGBT History in an unbiased manner. It was clear that every item was carefully chosen as the pictures were emotive to anyone who supports the battle for equality.  And the interviews, conducted by Baker with self-identifying LGBT members of Sheffield, were insightful and eye opening. The display was both a window into Sheffield’s past and a vision of a promising future.


Sandra Baker

And finally the wonderful Sian Williams was on hand all day, working hard filming lectures and performances and everything in between! While Williams and her film crew were unseen by many for most of the day, we hope the end product from all her hard work will be seen by all. The video filmed, cut and edited by Williams and her team, (Aysha Musa and Maddy Oakes, two Student Ambassadors working on the Hidden Perspectives project) will be starring on the blog shortly, so keep an eye out as you may find you have a cameo in it! The video is a must see for all who were there and all who missed out on the delights of the day.


The film team in action


Author: Hidden Perspectives

A research project within the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) at The University of Sheffield.

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