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Last Week’s LGBT and Faith Discussion Group

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The series of LGBT and Faith Discussion Groups was kicked of last week by Dr. Katie Edwards and Professor Elena Rodriguez- Falcon who chaired a discussion focusing on ‘Genesis 2-3 and Heteronormativity’ and it was a great success.

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If you were there you know how well it went and what fascinating topics and themes were discussed. If you weren’t there… where were you!? There was a great turn out and some brilliant discussions. Here’s what a few people who were there had to say about it:

Maddy (student): There was a good turnout of people and we were a diverse group. The focus of the first session was Heteronormativity and the biblical narrative of Genesis 2-3. This was an interesting way to begin a series of meetings about lgbt* and the Bible because it is a section of the Bible which is often overlooked when it comes to speaking about gender and sexuality. (Unlike passages such as Lev. 18.22 and 20.13 which often rear their head in debates about same-sex marriage, ordination of homosexuals, etc.) 

It was refreshing to hear different perspectives on the familiar story of Adam and Eve and really focus on some key parts of the text. It was interesting to reflect upon how the Bible and in particular this text has influenced the social constructs of gender binaries. And also to openly share as a group how we thought this text had already impacted upon our lives (often subconsciously).

We sometimes skipped off the clear focus of the session onto wonderful tangents – which really demonstrated to me what a fascinating thing it is to read and analyse biblical texts. I’m looking forward to the next session already!

Kay (student): Really interesting and a great environment to discuss such topics as were discussed.

Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon: I personally found it thought provoking, reflective and engaging.


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