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Anonymous webchat for gender and sexuality enquiries

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Hidden Perspectives can’t take the credit for this, but we can definitely shout about it! Below is all the info and details you need for the ‘Anonymous webchat for gender and sexuality enquiries’. This has all been organised and is being run by the University of Sheffield LGBT* committee. It’s sure to be a safe and useful environment for all, so check it out…

Lots of people have questions about gender identity and sexuality (e.g. about transitioning for trans* students, coming out, etc.). The LGBT Committee wishes to provide safe, welcoming opportunities for often much needed discussion about any LGBT issues.

All students can use our online instant messaging service to talk to our dedicated welfare committee members. The welfare webchat is just like an anonymous version of Facebook chat. To use it, visit our webpage: http://lgbtsu.weebly.com/webchat.html. During the online times, the welfare button at the top of the site will be green.

The LGBT committee have five welfare/representation officers whom you can contact by email or webchat. You can speak to any of these five committee members, but if needed, each officer has a specific area of experience, either Women’s, Men’s, Trans*, International or inclusions issues.

This year’s webchat times are:
Monday       6-7pm (Trans* Welfare) and 8-9pm (Inclusions)
Tuesday      8-9pm (Men’s Welfare)
Wednesday 8-9pm (Women’s Welfare)
Thursday     6.30-7.30pm (Men’s Welfare) and 8-9pm (International)
Friday          8-9pm (Women’s Welfare),
Saturday      8pm-9pm (Trans* Welfare)
Sunday        8-9pm (International)

If you prefer, or can’t talk at any of these times, you can also e-mail them to ask questions, or to arrange to meet up in person.

International Rep: cesarfcruzf@gmail.com
Women’s Welfare: evtaylor1@sheffield.ac.uk
Trans* Welfare:  h.birch@sheffield.ac.uk
Men’s Welfare: jrelton1@sheffield.ac.uk
Inclusions: fmyoung1@sheffield.ac.uk

If you don’t want to use the webchat but want to find out more about the LGBT committee and the socials and campaigns we run, you can visit our website, http://lgbtsu.weebly.com/, e-mail lgbt@shef.ac.uk and/or sign up to our mailing-list.

The Students’ Union LGBT Committee is a representative committee responsible representing all students who identify with any minority gender or sexual identity. If you are non-straight, non-cisgender or both, then we represent you and you are welcome to use our webchat services.

Information related to this message is available at http://lgbtsu.weebly.com/.


Author: Hidden Perspectives

A research project within the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) at The University of Sheffield.

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