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Casey’s Perspectives


Dr. Casey Strine is the newest staff member in the Department of Biblical Studies We are very pleased to have him and excited to get him more involved with the project. If you want to know more about our latest addition to the department, follow this link. CaseyStrineMedium
Below is his take on Hidden Perspectives:

Q. What was your Hidden Perspectives highlight from 2013?

A. Chris Meredith’s presentation at the Hidden Perspectives Festival (always love it when he does toilet humor!)

Q. In just three words, how would you summarise Hidden Perspectives’ first year?

A. Three words? ‘Starting a conversation’

Q. Will you be involved with Hidden Perspectives this year?

A. So long as Katie let’s me!

Q. What are your hopes for Hidden Perspectives in the coming year?

A. That Hidden Perspectives will continue to be a place where people who have neither been interested in the Bible previously nor participated in dialogue about its meaning will continue to share their views about this important and controversial text.


Author: Hidden Perspectives

A research project within the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) at The University of Sheffield.

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