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Biblical Literacy Discussion on Radio 4 Sunday Programme

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Follow this link to hear the Radio 4 podcast which first aired on Sunday 9th Feb, starring our very own Katie Edwards. Below is the synopses from the Radio 4 website. c8713f168f2def96897dea761c51c353

Sochi Olympics and the extent to which Putin’s new law on homosexuality reflects the views of church and people. Anastasia Uspenskaya reports from Sochi.

The row over the residence of the Bishop of Bath and Wells continues – we speak to the Archdeacon of Bath Andy Piggott

The Religious Dissenters’ Graveyard in Exeter was last used in the mid nineteenth century. Now the land has been bought by a Trust, set up to restore the burial ground and reopen it to the local community. Sarah Swadling reports.

Head of the Mormon church has been summonsed by Westminster Magistrates to answer a charge of peddling fraudulent beliefs in order to extract tithes from church members. Edward Stourton speaks to Frank Cranmer, expert on religion and law.

Is Biblical literacy on the decline? Paul Wooley Executive Director of The Bible Society and Dr Katie Edwards from the University of Sheffied discuss.

Bob Walker investigates how legislation preventing Briton’s from joining foreign conflicts is affecting Muslims travelling to Syria to give aid.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been in Manchester to engage with minority communities. Kevin Bocquet caught up with him.

Carmel Lonergan
Rosie Dawson

Christine Morgan


Anastasia Uspenskaya
Frank Cranmer
Nick Clegg
Arch Deacon Of Bath Andy Piggott
Executive Director of The Bible Society Paul Wooley
Dr Katie Edwards from the University of Sheffield.


Author: Hidden Perspectives

A research project within the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) at The University of Sheffield.

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