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An Interview with Chris!

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Photo on 28-01-2014 at 23.55Although Chris has now left the University of Sheffield and has moved on to new academic adventures in new places, he has definitely not left our Hidden Perspective’s hearts. He left a lasting impression on all those that heard him talk, and i’m sure his interview below will do the same!

What was your Hidden Perspectives highlight from 2013?

Just one? The honesty and integrity of Emma England’s talk at the Festival was certainly a highlight, but I’ve also come across a few people at other events that were in Sheffield for HP last summer, and who are still ‘cooking’ on some of the things they heard, still working through their responses to ideas—in essays, in blogs, in relationships—and that’s pretty darn nifty, to be honest.
Hugh! Heavenly Helpers
The image of Professor Hugh S. Pyper in a tinsel halo, singing Karaoke whilst clutching a packet of unopened Angel Delight will go with me to my grave.

In just three words, how would you summarise Hidden Perspectives’ first year?

Oh bugger me, I don’t know. Hang on, No, those can’t look like they’re my three words. Not my intention. Um. Extraordinarily Vibrant People? Value for Money? No…that won’t do either. Err…:

‘Making Bibles Puckish’

Will you be involved with Hidden Perspectives this year?

I’d better bloody be!

What are your hopes for Hidden Perspectives in the coming year?

Oooh. Well my three wishes would be, some further serious opportunities to help reorganise the field’s approach—both to itself and to the various communities it affects without always acknowledging it. Exposure, certainly. And the energy to do more of what Universities are supposed to be for: creative dissent.


Author: Hidden Perspectives

A research project within the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) at The University of Sheffield.

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