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Noah film is more accurate than most children’s Bible stories

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Hidden Perspectives’ Dr. Katie Edwards has recently written an article on the new Blockbuster ‘Noah’ for The Conversation. With all the controversy surrounding the depiction of a biblical epic, Katie’s article is sure to catch a few eyes! See a teaser below…

indexghghghghg“The long-anticipated biblical epic, Noah, has been released to a tidal wave of reviews, comments and criticisms on the film’s “accuracy” in its adaptation of the flood narrative in Genesis. And granted, Aronofsky has taken some liberties with the story. His re-imagining of Noah’s ark is a noisy hybrid of The Road, The Lord of the Rings and, well, the Bible. Yet, among the groundswell of voices calling out the director on his infidelity to the text, there are few who’ve noticed that every biblically inspired cultural product adds and/or subtracts from the text.

Take a look at any children’s Bible. Very often, a kind-faced geriatric Noah looks out at the reader, with a happy rainbow and a couple of contented giraffes by his side. Popular cultural re-appropriations of the biblical story are sanitised, so distant from the grand-scale genocide of Genesis that Noah’s ark has become a standard children’s toy for families from every faith or none.”

To see the full article follow this link.



Author: Hidden Perspectives

A research project within the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) at The University of Sheffield.

One thought on “Noah film is more accurate than most children’s Bible stories

  1. It’s too bad they didn’t make it realistic racially.

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