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Happy Easter!!

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Happy Easter to all our blog readers!

Dr. Katie Edward’s has been very busy recently and has written yet another great article for The Conversation. Check it out below…

Bible literacy is going up, not down – thanks, Lady Gaga

Katie-EdwardsEaster is here, and while some might reflect on the resurrection of Christ, I’m wondering at another miracle of sorts that we’re witnessing – the renaissance of the Bible in popular culture. The run up to Easter has been, perhaps unsurprisingly for some, awash with all things biblical. We’ve had the much-hyped release of Noah, which is the first of a spate of Bible films to be released around Christian festivals (next up is Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings at Christmas). A deluge of media followed surrounding its “accuracy” as a biblical film.

And then this week David Cameron outed himself as “evangelical” in flurry of seasonal messages. It seems Cameron’s been on the road to Damascus since 2009 when he offered a rather tepid summary of his religious beliefs as a “fairly classic Church of England faith, a faith that grows hotter and colder by moments”. In the five years since, Cameron, we’re told, has come to believe that “Jesus invented the Big Society 2,000 years ago”. Blimey.

To finish reading this article follow the link.


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