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LGBT and Faith Discussion Group

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Jonathan and David are Friends I Samuel 18:1Don’t forget about this weeks LGBT and Faith Discussion Group, it’s the last one in the series so don’t miss it!! See the details below and an interview with Hugh Pyper; this weeks discussion leader.

LGBT and Faith Discussion Group

7.00pm Wednesday 7th of May

Humanities Research Institute

It seems like quite a while ago since our last LGBT and Faith Discussion Group in March! We are really looking forward to this session, not just because we have missed it over the Easter period but because the renowned Hugh Pyper, an LGBT and Faith Discussion Group favorite, will be leading this session. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, there will be wine on hand to accompany the discussing and the debating, in order to celebrate the series of discussion groups, as this will be the last session this academic year!

So, with that in mind, enjoy the final pre Discussion Group interview, with the one and only Hugh Pyper…

– What is the focus for the LGBT and Faith Group Discussion that you will be leading?

We’ll be looking at the way in which the relationship between David and Jonathan has been interpreted through the centuries, using pictures as a way of unpacking some of the various cultural assumptions about what a loving relationship between two men can and should be.
– What led you to chose this topic?

I chose this topic because the story of David and Jonathan has been a focus for discussion over LGBT issues ever since the subject has been discussed.  All kinds of implications have been read into the story both by advocates of gay rights and by those who oppose them.  I want to ask what, if anything, we can learn from this story about male relationships in the ancient world and where some of the later assumptions come from.  Then we can ask how this biblical story should or could have any bearing on modern debates about LGBT issues both within and beyond faith communities.
– What do you hope people will take away from the group discussion?

I hope people will bring away a sense of the richness of this story and its interpretation over the centuries and be left with further questions about how they interpret it for themselves and what they might learn from it.

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A research project within the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) at The University of Sheffield.

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