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Conchita Wurst: Queen of Eurovision 2014

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Were you watching Eurovision this weekend, did you vote? For those of you tuned into Eurovision, you will have seen the amazing Conchita Wurst’s amazing performance that secured her the title, ‘Queen of Eurovision 2014’.

Denmark Eurovision Song Contest

The amazing transformation from male singer to bearded diva has turned Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst into a global superstar.

An audience of around 170million people across the world watched the Austrian triumph when she was awarded a staggering 290 points for her performance of Rise Like a Phoenix in Copenhagen on Saturday night.

Sporting a full beard and gold embellished fishtail gown, she took to the stage in front of a smokey backdrop, before giving a powerful performance of the song. Read more here.

“This is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom,” a tearful Wurst said as she accepted the trophy from Denmark’s Emmelie de Forrest, who won the contest last year. “We are unity.”

Pushing the boundaries of gender identity is nothing new at Europe’s annual song contest, an extravaganza known for its eclectic, sometimes unlistenable lineup of techno beats, love songs and pop tunes. The winner in 1998 was Israel’s Dana International, who had male-to-female gender reassignment surgery several years before competing.

Still, Wurst had been faced with some protests before the competition, highlighting a rift between Europe’s progressive liberal side and the traditional values and nationalist rhetoric of Russia and some other nations taking part. Read more here.

To see Conchita’s performance at the Eurovision 2014 finals follow this link.


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