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Transgender children know their identity.

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transgender_symbol-13349Below is a snippet from a recent article published by The Observer. While quite upsetting, this article highlights just a few of the obstacles transgender children and their families regularly have to face.
‘NHS to give sex change drugs to children’ screamed the newspaper headlines last week. The reality is so different for families dealing with the condition known as gender dysphoria. Here, a mother writes of the pain such coverage causes.

My seven-year-old child, although born male-bodied, has expressed herself as a girl since she could walk and talk. That expression translated into an articulation at age four that she was a girl “stuck inside the wrong body”. Reinforcing boyhood for our child began to lead to distress, upset and anxiety. What did we do? We kept reinforcing boyhood. What happened then? We found ourselves with a five-year-old who talked about wanting to die rather than be a boy. A five-year-old with a fascination for butterflies and caterpillars and mermaids who began talking about suicide …

Our child lives as a girl now and her school describes her as “calm, mature, bright-eyed and intelligent”. How did we get to that point? We listened to the child. We educated ourselves on the facts at hand and we facilitated the child’s outward expression of her own assertion about her identity. This has led to a happy child, well adjusted and thriving, engaged with an education and well liked by peers.

Read the rest of the article here.


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