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Interview with Dominic Mattos aka Angel Gabriel

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For those of you that have been following the blog for a while, you will know that Dominic Mattos has played a huge roll in previous Hidden Perspectives events! And as ever, he will be a part of Garden of Eden: Bible Burlesque as our wonderful compare. This event is especially special to him as he has had a hand in planning and running it. See the interview with Dominic below:

Please can you tell the us a bit about yourself?dominic-mattos

I hope that if people have been reading for a while they’re starting to know what I do. I’m a biblical studies publisher, but I’m also a cabaret performer and singer, and Hidden Perspectives has given me some great opportunities to join the two sides of my life together! I did a biblical cabaret set at the Hidden Perspectives festival last year, and then a Christmassy version for the Christmas concert.

How have you been involved and how will you be involved with the cabaret event?

I’ve been helping plan and plot it since April, and we have got together a list of ten amazing cabaret and variety acts, for what will be a variety spectacular in the Spiegeltent. I’ll be hosting it as the Angel Gabriel, with my trusty enormous costume, and singing some of my biblical pop standards with a live 4 piece band in between the acts.

How will you be linking in religion/the bible?Dom V

Each of the acts is based somehow on the bible, or on religious interpretations of the bible… we have a sideshow Eve, miracles and magic, a highly stylized burlesque act that is based on iconographic presentations of Mary, a very handsome Jesus. The acts are all proper troupers from the cabaret and variety circuits, including several award winners. They’re all either performing an existing act that has a biblical theme, or have adapted something to fit our theme. Expect magic, burlesque, cabaret, variety, and even mind-reading.

Can you tell us about some of the outfits and costumes we will see?

My outfit won’t change much, but some of the acts have the most amazing costumes. This is going to be a real cabaret spectacular.



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