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The acts! Desmond O’Connor

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Desmond_OConnor-1-200-200-100-crop Hidden Perspectives is proud to present Desmond O’Connor. This is the final blog featuring artists that will be appearing at THIS FRIDAY’S ‘Garden of Eden; Bible Burlesque’ event. While he is the last act to be featured on the blog, he is by no means the least! For a snippet of what O’Connor is all about read the blog below… to see O’Connor and all the other amazing acts, get your tickets now by following this link.

“Demonising, hypnotising, mesmerising; Desmond O’Connor is an internationally renowned and award winning composer, lyricist and performer with over twenty years’ experience in cabaret, comedy and musical theatre. His bittersweet lyrics and insanely catchy melodies never fail to shock, charm and entertain.”

Check out Desmond O’ Connor’s webpage here and watch one of his videos here.

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