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“God Loves Gays” Billboard Project

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Below is a snippet from an article published on Bustle authored by Lauren Barbato. The article looks at a recent project to raise funds to have a billboard put up in Kansas as a direct counter to the Westboro baptist church and their homophobic mission.


“The existence of God is one of life’s big questions, but it looks like we don’t have to do too much searching anymore: God is on Facebook, and he loves the LGBT community. At least, that’s what his new billboard tells us. After raising thousands of dollars through his God Loves Gays campaign, “God” has erected a billboard in Topeka, Kansas to show how much he truly cares — and stick it to the Westboro Baptist Church.

Although God has existed before the dawn of the Earth, the Facebook page God, which now has nearly two million followers, only began in 2011. If you’re wondering, God also runs YouTube and Twitter pages, and his favorite activities are “creating, smiting, lifting weights [and] bubble baths.””

To see the rest of the article and the comical yet deadly serious video posted by God, follow this link.


Author: Hidden Perspectives

A research project within the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) at The University of Sheffield.

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