The PeachTree kindergarten punchbowl is the place to go for your tyke’s scholastic needs. It boasts three separate classrooms for different age groups, as well as the requisite equipment and materials. Moreover, the staff is as hands-on as the students are. As such, it’s no wonder the place is a hit amongst parents. And the fact that it is located on Broadway in Punchbowl should speak volumes.

What is the best age for kindergarten?

PeachTree Kindergarten is also a family-run business, a fact which is evident from the quality of care it delivers. That’s not to mention the state of the art facilities and dedicated staff. Indeed, it’s no wonder PeachTree is the gold standard for premium early childhood education.

This is especially true in the highly competitive locality of Punchbowl. In fact, it’s so good that it has garnered a number of awards, including the coveted state accolade for Best Childcare Facility in NSW. Moreover, its stellar service record is testament to the fact that PeachTree is not just a daycare; it’s a learning centre.