Sraml produces commercial food processing equipment

Food processing is the transformation of raw products into a final item that can be consumed. This industry is experiencing a boom due to the increased demand for quality foods. This growth has led to many companies transforming into big league members of the food industry. Food processing equipment manufacturers are also playing a vital role in this growing industry.

The top companies in the food processing equipment market are Buhler, GEA Group, Krones, Alfa Laval and Marel. These companies offer cutting-edge technology for the food industry and are constantly transforming their methods. These companies have made a name for themselves by offering solutions that reduce energy waste and water usage. They are also dedicated to customer satisfaction and have a wide range of services available for their customers. Find out


Founded in 1994 by two brothers, SRAML produces commercial wine making equipment for all stages of the production process. Their line of destemmers and crushers allows producers to separate grape berries from stems, which may impact wine quality. These machines are designed with a large receiving hopper and height-adjustable support legs to provide maximum flexibility for the winemaker.

SRAML also offers an entire line of bottling equipment that can be configured to fit each wine producer’s specific needs. These machines can be used to fill a variety of bottle sizes and shapes. They can be equipped with a wide range of sealing systems including natural cork, champagne crown caps and Vinolok glass closures.