Men’s Beachwear

A Men’s Beachwear pair of swim trunks is more than a suit, or even a costume — it says something about the wearer. That’s why they’re so important in movies like Fire Island, the new rom-com directed by Andrew Ahn and written by David Tabbert. The costumes, from skimpy Speedos to designer trunks, aren’t just costuming, they tell us who the characters are and who they want to be.

Men’s trunks come in four major shapes: the full-coverage trunk, the brief, the boxer brief and the hybrid (which combine shorts with swimwear characteristics). The latter category includes budgie smugglers, which may be de rigueur for Olympic swimmers and triathletes, but they’re out of place on the beaches of France or Brazil, where Speedos still rule.

Sizzling Summer Style: A Guide to the Hottest Men’s Beachwear Trends of 2023

While a simple solid-colored trunk suit has its charms, funkier prints and shorter hems are regaining popularity. Men’s swimwear designers are also ditching mesh lining, which can cause chafing, in favor of a compression short lining that hugs the body like a second skin.

British brand Mr Marvis was one of the first to make this move, and its streamlined styles are now ubiquitous. The company’s seersucker trunks have earned a cult following among the likes of Daniel Craig as James Bond, Tom Daley and soccer stars Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. Unlike some other fashion brands, Mr Marvis puts quality before quantity, so you can count on these swim shorts to stay fresh and stylish for years to come.