Transcendental awareness is a special kind of consciousness that lets you tap into high levels of understanding and calmness. It’s a powerful state that can help you do more and be more, unlocking your highest potential. In this article, we’ll explore this heightened state of awareness—also known as the fourth major state of consciousness—and how to get there with simple steps and practices.

The Experience of Transcendental Awareness

Studies show that people who regularly practice transcendental awareness report more satisfaction with their lives, feel like they have more meaningful experiences, and are less self-centered. They also report higher levels of the hormone oxytocin, which is associated with social bonding and generosity. This is a sign that transcendental awareness creates an environment that supports spiritual growth and positive social interactions.

Scientific research also indicates that when a person is in this state of consciousness, hidden reserves in the brain are mobilized, enlivening the brain functioning over a wide area. The synchronization and integration of the frontal cortex during this state is unprecedented in waking, sleeping, or dreaming. The physiological signature of this state is characterized by a deep state of rest and relaxation, with increased eloquently rhythmic and ordered EEG patterns.

Many religious traditions have a rich heritage of teachings on the experience of transcendental awareness, often referred to as samadhi or Suriya. Regardless of the specific nomenclature used in different traditions, they all describe this state as a “blissful state” and union with the infinite Cosmic spirit.