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Allergic to pantyhose


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You can help ensure that your staff and patients stay comfortable and safe. I do have a couple of pairs, and i can’t wear them for long either before the plastic kind of burns my skin. Nylon is a man-made fabric that can cause some people to experience an allergic reaction when skin contacts it. My mum is allergic to something in the rubber (she is also allergic to rubber gloves.

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Allergic to pantyhose. I used to wear suspenders but they are somewhat obvious when wearing ‘snug’ skirts! so onto hold ups. I made the mistake a forgot about it when i wore a strapless bra on my wedding day. These are really great tights, they have an adjustable belt thingy to keep them up. As some gp’s have no idea and it can be over a yer between le clinic visits i confess i’ve measured myself before and perscribed myself down a size (tee hee) i think this is the current specification flyer, perhaps you can provide this to your gp or nurse:


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They really just look like standard tights. I am allergic to most pantyhose, but there are some brands that i can wear. If they don’t feel too tight, you could also try using some talcum powder to make sure the area is really dry and reduce friction.

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