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Anal ease spray


Eros anal ease (spray) megasol cosmetic gmbh

Because foria uses an ingredient that isn’t legal everywhere, gerson and the company rely on the help of open-minded physicians, researchers, scientists, and chemists who believe that cannabis can be a source of pleasure and pain relief to promote their product. The discreet little spray dispenser bottle contains 1. It won’t help fissures heal, but it can help ease the pain. There are a number of different medications your gp may recommend to help reduce your symptoms and allow your anal fissure to heal. Adults with an anal fissure will usually be prescribed bulk-forming laxative tablets or granules. If headaches are a problem, reducing the amount of ointment you use for a few days can help.


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Anal ease spray. One or two sprays to the anus should be allowed to take effect for a few minutes before applying additional lubrication. You have no items to compare. The word condom will not appear on your package or credit card statement. Choosing an anal relaxant is only the first step.

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This is your most effective and powerful option. Numb it for anal.

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