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Blond rr and the other is a redhead


The palms art gallery - those lucky redheads

Now these other hair color genes are not as well understood as mc1r. My mom’s side however, had lots of red hair. The mc1r gene is expressed in many cells, and is responsible for more than hair color. My five year old had very strawberry blond hair as a toddler, tiffany, and now he is developing darker hair.


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Blond rr and the other is a redhead. Not to mention he could talk to a herpetologist about his hemorrhoids, but unless he has a cloaca his advice should be taken with understanding that dr. Blonde hair does not cotain pheomelanin, only a bit of eumelanin. Eumelanin production typically increases with age. My son had strawberry blond hair as a child (my husband is the redhead in our family), and he also has extreme sensitivity to pain. Ygritte and robert’s whore who was slain by city watch too.

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It is quite possible you either carry or have the gene, philessense. The following is a list of terms that we discussed in class.

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