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Boob monster d

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She was fine, i was a crying hormonal mess. Y’all kids better get around the campfire ’cause papa hh is about to drop another ghost story. She put him in his pnp and he started to fuss. Harem colosseum is all about getting a harem in a colosseum. I did the sleep training and night weaning via cc so it didn’t matter whether dh or i went in as there was minimal interaction anyway.


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Boob monster d. I thought i’d be happy to nurse until he self-weaned and am not happy about cutting him off, but i’m also not happy with our nursing relationship anymore. Dude gets violated by a succubus every night in his dreams. Then one night i took lots of bottles to bed with me and wore a massive thick fleece (smelling of dh!). She cried the first two nights, with him there comforting her the whole time, then she was fine. Family friends and relatives just love bringing up this anecdote at gatherings. Ideally not at the same time they’re learning to give up on night feeding. You can probably guess what happens next.


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I will miss the boob magic one day! Was i honestly in a position to be a better parent, once not cracking up under sleep deprivation? yes. You must be a registered user to subscribe to threads.

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