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Once you met her you fell in love with her. Victory pose scene after end credits. The great free-throw shooters never wavered; they all had their almost mindless routines. One team was black, the other team white. You’re never going to survive this. No one gave us a chance in the playoffs. She loved going on walks, being outside, and playing with the hose.

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Butt face kiss lick pillowhead sniff squeeze. He’s now become her new compueter chair. It became apparent soon enough, however, when the sociology teacher stopped by to give his account: david and herman had been quarreling over something having to do with the team, which led to a crude and loud exchange of obscenities, with herman making a crack or two about hispanics. Manny weincord was in his office, his ear to a black rotary phone, talking to some guy named arnie. The kid saw me rise and started to apologize. Being a little tipsy from the 13 shots i had they pretty much took control of the entire shoot from that point on! and believe me, they did things i would never want done to me! when girls begin to giggles and whisper in the next room, run! i’m sure that many of you will have a good laugh watching this clip! you can only imagine what they do to me after i tell them what i think! they plastic wrap me, duck tape my mouth (not to mention rip it off once they’re done!), sit on me, step on me, jab their heels into my guts, shove old popcorn in my mouth, try and put make-up on me, they pull down their pants and try to make me to worship their asses, smother me, double facesit me, and probably a few other things i forgot to mention! What i’m sayin’, fellas, is that this has got to stop.


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Ugly girl eventually got up and went to the washroom sink feeling sick looking like she wanted to vomit as i followed her into the washroom and continued filming. For the first time in his life terrell saw michael jordan play. Kbunny shoves dickface face first into sylvie’s butt.

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