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Conjoined twins separated as adults


They want to have careers as veterinarians or in some aspect of animal husbandry. However, they share some ribs, a liver, their circulatory system, and their digestive and reproductive systems. They each have two arms, but only a single leg, with carmen controlling the right leg and lupita, the left. These types of conjoined twins make up 10 percent of all conjoined twins. The girls have learned to live their lives in tandem but have very different personalities. However, there are fears when it comes to the girls’ health. ‘a lot of people don’t notice, like, because when they first meet us, we kind of have the same reactions,’ said carmen.


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Conjoined twins separated as adults. However, the twins often share a liver, digestive system, diaphragm and other organs. And for the surgery that might make it easier for lupita to breathe. Most conjoined twins die shortly after birth – but the girls defied the odds and continued to thrive. But as they’ve grown older, health problems are emerging and the girls’ future could be in jeopardy. Lupita’s lungs are functioning at only 40 percent capacity.

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Omphalopagus twins are conjoined twins that are connected from the breastbone to the waist. The comments below have been moderated in advance. The girls have very different personalities.

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