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Curtis wilkins comic strip


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Peter, paige and jason know very well that getting in trouble with andy means getting in serious trouble and that’s a good thing. By elliot caplin and john cullen murphy. Nelson) about his favorite superhero, “supercaptaincoolman” (a superhero who is constantly defending the city against the insidious schemes of the evil “doctor horsehead”). She’s also a very dedicated mother who pays lots of attention to her children and tries her best. ), trying to win the heart of aspiring diva singer michelle, and stuffing his face.

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Comic stripsCurtis by ray billingsley | comics kingdom

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Curtis wilkins comic strip. Where’s the fulfillment i was promised?” she inspires pity, because nobody wants to turn into a bitter adult like that. Rose mcallister, king features: (212) 455-4180 or email: rmmcallister@hearst. Curtis hasn’t branched out into tv animation or comic books, but his comic strip is read by millions, in over 250 newspapers, all over the world. Claudia smith, king features: (212) 455-4121 or email: cmsmith@hearst. Billingsley is stretching curtis’ retaliation against the bullies out over a couple of weeks.


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King features syndicate. She acknowledges she lives in a modern world and does her best to adapt to it.

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