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This sent an electric charge through liz as her face of pleasure soon went to that of pain as she eases herself down on my son’s dick. Liz turns her head and looks at me and then down at my cock as her asshole is at the tip of my cock. I feel like i unloaded gallons upon gallons of cum as i kept shooting my load into my only daughter. Max doesn’t miss a beat as he drops his running shorts to the floor and tears off his sweaty tank top.

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Dad butt fucks cheerleader. As we are openly swapping saliva in the kitchen i slip my hands underneath liz’s team sweater and start caressing her breasts through her bra. I can’t stop but be fixated on liz’s perky tits as they jump up and down with her movements. Liz then releases her mouth from my balls and grabs them with her hands as she begins fondling them and gently scratching them with her long nails. Max sticks his cock in liz’s slit as her legs wrap around his waist and her arms are interlock around max’s neck. We fucked like this for another five minutes give or take. I remove my hand from liz’s clit and put both of my hands on her hips to pull her body harder on my cock and so i could spank her ass with both hands. I can’t stop from looking over liz’s tight petite 18 year old body.


Liz returns my caress by lifting her skirt up a bit and grinds her panty covered slit against my rock hard moist exposed dick. I snapped out of staring at liz’s awesome body and asked “why are you in your cheerleader outfit?”.

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