Database Companies in India

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Database companies in India

The database industry in India is growing at an accelerated rate, thanks to specific projects like SENET. Launched in 1997, the project aims to create electronic databases for small enterprises in India. It also intends to utilize computer technology for a network of databases. Listed below are some of the leading companies in the database industry in India. If you’re considering a career in this sector, read on to find out more.

Contact Details And Detailed Business Profiles

COVID-19 had a tremendous impact on global trade performance. The NASSCOM Mckinsey report estimates that IT enabled services could generate revenues worth US$17 billion by 2008. Data management is an essential component of this industry. As we move into a new age of science and technology, we are surrounded by enormous amounts of data. The challenge, then, is to make sense of it. Database companies in India are the key to achieving this goal.

The use of B2B database information in business marketing strategies has changed in recent years. As nearly everyone is now connected to the internet, the focus is shifting towards online marketing. Direct promotional strategies and email marketing have become popular. In India, B2B database companies provide all the essential information necessary for these strategies. For those in need of contact details and detailed business profiles, Binary Clues is an excellent database provider. They offer full-featured contact details and business profiles to help marketers reach potential clients.

The current legal regime in India does not adequately protect the rights of databases in India. The country needs a sui generis legal regime to protect the industry. The scope of this regime needs to be extensively explored. In the meantime, there is a need to create a separate legislation protecting databases from copyright infringement. This article addresses some of these issues. We also look at the state of the database industry in India. We will discuss the regulatory framework in India and the current challenges in the industry.

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