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Erotic stories wife fingered


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It happened so quick that i did not even have a chance to think about it. ‘at the bar, when you were at the toilet. Before i could tell her not to look she had located the couple in the window and actually started to waive at them. We started to talk about the night?s events and i informed her that if we had stayed in the bar that she probably was going to get finger fucked by rick?s friend as well. Dallas’ own pussy was by now drooling uncontrollably as she nibbled and fingered the hot little bitch that had stumbled into her camp. Before ray could hit 60 mph, his fingers were in cathy’s pussy. She is not shy to prove it in person either.

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Erotic stories wife fingered. When i was a teenager my parents divorced and mom quickly became a black out then pass out cold drunk. As a twenty one year old male with a 4 inch erect cock i was invited to join the red barn wanking club. I watch, intensely focussed on his hand plunging in and out of jen. The car did a slow trawl of the car park, and drove. As we sat at a table near the bar waiting for our friends, a tall, good-looking man sat down at the bar. Lori kissed brook’s ear, then her neck, she pulled down her shorts, her panties, and started to explore a little farther.


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My plans for a sexy movie evaporated as i watched my wife lay back, totally naked, while my friend watched. And started sucking my dick like a lollypop.

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