Hidden Perspectives

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7 December: God Loves Uganda (with Panel Discussion)

On Saturday 7 December at 6.30pm,  Hidden Perspectives in conjunction with POUT, is showing the movie God Loves Uganda. Directed by Rodger Ross Williams, God Loves Uganda is an account of American Evangelicals’ attempts to indoctrinate their Christian Right beliefs in Uganda.

The movie will be followed by a discussion led by panelists Dr. Adriaan Van Klinken and Dr. Susannah Cornwall, and chaired by our very own Dr. Katie Edwards; so make sure you don’t miss it!

Adriaan_Van_Klinken cornwall

Dr. Adriaan Van Klinken is an expert in African Christianity and is currently based at the University of Leeds in the Theology and Religious Studies department. Previously he was a Rubicon Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Gender and Religions Research at SOAS, University of London. For more on Adriaan follow this link.

Dr. Susannah Cornwall is an Advanced Research Fellow at the University of Exeter in their Theology and Religion Department. Susannah is a Hidden Perspectives favourite and gave a lecture as part of the recent Hidden Perspectives Festival in June. Susannah’s research focuses on contextual theologies, particularly those relating to sex, gender and sexuality. She also has interests in disability, homelessness, contextual Bible study, post-colonial theologies, queer theologies, and theologies of art. For more about Susannah follow this link.

Dr. Katie Edwards is a Lecturer at the University of Sheffield in the Department of Biblical Studies where she lectures on the Bible in contemporary culture and society. She is also the creator and director of Hidden Perspectives. For more on Katie follow this link.

See here and here for pictures and movie trailers of all three movies shown as part of ‘Hidden Perspectives at the Cinema’.


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