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Dr Caroline Blyth, ‘The Delilah Monologues’, 2-4pm Monday 17 November 2014

Hidden Perspectives Presents…

Dr Caroline Blyth: Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIIBS) Visiting Scholar 2014
Dr Caroline Blyth (University of Auckland) will be a visiting scholar during November 2014 and will give a paper in the SIIBS research seminar on ‘The Delilah Monologues’, Monday 17 November, Jessop Exhibition Space, University of Sheffield, 2-4pm. image

Caroline specialises in the areas of gender violence in the Bible and contemporary culture; Bible in popular culture – textual representations of gender, sexuality, and the female body, and the Bible in art and literature – cultural texts as modes of biblical interpretation.

She is currently working on a book for publication in the Sheffield Series for Bible and Cultural Studies with Sheffield Phoenix Press, Visions of Delilah: Deconstructing a Biblical Femme Fatale,which explores the phenomenon of the femme fatale within both cultural texts, such as music, literature, and the visual arts, and biblical texts, in particular, the Hebrew Bible narrative of Judges 16 – the story of Samson and Delilah. Caroline is fascinated by the way that Delilah’s ‘afterlives’ in popular culture so often reflect common cultural ideologies pertaining to women’s sexualities and bodies. Using gender and queer theories, she seeks to reimagine new afterlives for this complex biblical character, using as my inspiration a number of cultural texts (literature, art, music and film) that present the iconic image of the femme fatale in new and complex lights.

During her stay Caroline will be working with Katie Edwards and Hidden Perspectives on a Bible and rape culture project. The project will explore the various ways in which the biblical traditions may cohere with, challenge, or contradict more contemporary cultural texts (literature, art, advertising, media, film and TV, new media, etc) that support rape culture. I anticipate that the research outcome from this project will take the form of either a co-authored or edited volume, which considers together the cultural texts and biblical texts, asking what they communicate (implicitly or explicitly) to their audience about gender violence and what it might mean to read them interactively alongside each other within a global rape culture.

Twitter: @CazBlyth


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