Hidden Perspectives

Bringing the Bible Out of the Closet

Aysha Musa


My name is Aysha and I am a 3rd year student in the Department of Biblical Studies.

As fascinating as my life is; my thrilling plans to travel the US on the back of my fiancé’s motorbike, my delicious obsession with baking and my (at times dangerous) love of animal, I’ll keep it brief and won’t bore you with my whole life story!

I Fall into the ‘Geek’ Category

  • I love reading (preferably fantasy books)
  • I have glasses (which I refuse to wear unless driving)
  • I have asthma (which is an excellent excuse when I’m feeling lazy)
  • I often speak in third person (makes people pull their funniest faces for me)
  • I can read and write in a fictional language (Gnommish)
  • I’m sarcastic (in a charming and endearing way of course!)

My Magic Moments

  • Para-gliding over Romania (I will try anything once)
  • Being bit by a shark (I’m not even joking!)
  • Singing on GMTV (a morning show)
  • Getting engaged on my 21st birthday (who’d have thought someone would put up with me forever!)

Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

  • I was brought up in Blackburn but don’t plan to be living in England for much longer (I plan to see the world with my fiancé and Rio, my Jack Russell)
  • I’m mixed race (and always plan to be)
  • I’ve been in education my whole life and plan to continue on a life-long learning mission
  • I have enjoyed the limelight for many years; singing on T.V and Radio, competing in dance competitions and performing on stage across the country but I have hung up my microphone, dancing shoes and dramatic costumes for an academic life.

My Favourite Quotes

  • “Your life is your message to the world; make sure it’s inspiring.”
  • “If only closed minds came with closed mouths.”

Why Hidden Perspective’s? (This is the wordy part!)

Whether we consider ourselves to be religious or not doesn’t change the fact that the Bible influences our culture and our society. Most of us have had the opportunity to explore some current debates surrounding Biblical interpretations, such as how the creation story can or cannot co-exist with the theory of evolution. Another example is how the Bible influences texts which we deem to be a part of our culture such as the works of Shakespeare. Many of us have looked into these topics at school, or have watched documentaries on them or discussed them with friends and family as they are current and play a role in our culture and society. ‘Hidden Perspectives’ highlights an ever growing group within our culture and society whose Biblical interpretations are not as widely known, understood or as widely discussed as others may be. ‘Hidden Perspectives’ therefore provides us with the opportunity to explore the LGBT reading of the Bible; as interpretations such as these are underrepresented yet these interpretations come from a community group within our culture, a group whose interpretations can influence our society as much as any other group interpretation, through their interesting and understated readings of the Bible.


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