Hidden Perspectives

Bringing the Bible Out of the Closet

Emily Foster-Brown

I’m a first year Biblical Studies student (studying Religion, Theology & The Bible) at Sheffield University. I’ve been asked to be Editor and lead the student run blog here as part of the Hidden Perspectives project.65561_10151238976027644_1442836864_n

What can I tell you about myself? My life started in Tauranga, New Zealand (where the most notable past resident is Richard O’Brien – creator of The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and I spent my childhood in Coffs Harbour, Australia (winner of “Most Temperate City” in Australia and home of Russell Crowe). I have traveled around the world twice and have experienced everything from eating baguettes in front of the Mona Lisa in Paris, France to holding court with a witch doctor on a dormant volcano in Bali, Indonesia.

My research interests lie in everything from trans-humanism, the internet and future ethics to how Japanese Anime portrays Western religions; but if you asked Katie Edwards (project leader of Hidden Perspectives) she’d tell you that I’m primarily obsessed (her words!) with a certain historical figure named Pontius Pilate.

I’m thrilled to be asked to play such a big part in this exciting and ambitious project. I have been writing and editing my own zines since I was 13 and this position makes my teenage dreams of being Julia Sawalia in Press Gang all that more possible. Now if only I could go on a date with Dexter Fletcher…


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