Hidden Perspectives

Bringing the Bible Out of the Closet

Maddy Oakes

My studies have mainly focused on the Hebrew Bible and I am particularly interested in how religion has shaped the world as we know it and how the Bible remains to be a culturally relevant document.Maddy Oakes  I am really keen to be a part of the Hidden Perspectives Festival after getting my teeth stuck into a dissertation exploring Homosexuality and the Hebrew Bible which focused specifically on Leviticus 18:22; 20:13 and the story of Sodom.  In which I argued that homosexuality and heterosexuality are culturally prescribed identities, so what it means to be homosexual is culturally variable.  My research observed the absence of a clear but binary between heterosexuality and homosexuality in the Hebrew Bible.  In my constructionist view, therefore, the context in which references are made to same-sex activity is crucial.  I concluded that the prohibitions of Leviticus and the threatened rape in the story of Sodom, both originate from the ancient Israelite struggle to maintain its patriarchal society.  Thus, Lev. 18:22; 20:13 and the story of Sodom cannot be used to neither condemn (nor condone) homosexuality as constructed in Western culture today.


3 thoughts on “Maddy Oakes

  1. wish i’d studied at uni instead of just getting wasted……..(shrug)….

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