Hidden Perspectives

Bringing the Bible Out of the Closet

Johanna Stiebert

“Leviticus – What’s Going on here?”johanna-stiebert-4283-340x200

Two verses in Leviticus, in chapters 18 and 20 (alongside two narratives in Genesis 19 and Judges 19) are constantly dragged into discussions about homosexuality. But are they really about homosexuality? What do they say? Do we really know?

Johanna Stiebert is a German-New Zealander who taught courses on Hebrew, Biblical Studies and Judaism at St Martin’s College, the University of Botswana and the University of Tennessee, before joining the staff at the University of Leeds in 2009. She has worked on HIV/AIDS and the Bible, homosexuality and the Bible, as well as on self-conscious emotions (such as shame) and, most recently, on father-daughter relationships.



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