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Bringing the Bible Out of the Closet

Reubs J Walsh

“Jesus – the 4th wave feminist of the year 25AD”

A short lecture discussing what biblical accounts tell us about Jesus’ attitudes to gender followed by discussion and questions from the floor.

Previous publications; “More Tea Vicar” – on the theology and church politics of queer gender identities, reflecting on a discussion on trans issues at the liberal Christian “Arts and Social Justice” festival, Greenbelt. Published in the LGCM’s magazine “All God’s Children”
“Writer, thinker, scientist: person? How feminist personhood and ‘the life academic’ can combine to become a dialectical weapon of liberation.” Sole author: under review by the guest editors of a special edition of the ‘Journal of Feminism and Psychology’.
“The same, only different: what can responses to music in autism tell us about the nature of musical emotions.” Equal author with Dr Rory Allen of London and Dr Nick Zangwill of Durham: accepted for publication by the Nature Publishing Group journal ‘Frontiers in Emotion Science’.”The Guardian Media Group should apologise with actions, not words”

Protest Transphobia web article:

The Curious Incident of the Racist in Parliament” – guest contribution to thefword.org.uk blog

Reubs is currently a student of neuroscience. During this time Reubs has also: been a worship leader and trainee preacher in the Metropolitan Community Church of North London for three years; been the co-Trans rep for the University of Oxford LGBTQ Society; been the LGBTQ Officer for Saint Edmund Hall, my college at Oxford; been a member of the ‘Christians Together at Pride’ (London) organising committee, with responsibility for coordinating our webmedia presence in the run-up to each Pride; been a committee member of YLGC, the Young LGBT Christian nationwide network; provided technical support and assistance to the LGCM CEO in coordinating a webmedia presence; been an invited panellist at the Cutting Edge Consortium’s national conference in 2012; the topic of the panel discussion was “The diversity of the trans perspective” and looked at how differing conceptions of gender and trans gender identity could impact upon a person’s understanding and expression of their faith.


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