Hidden Perspectives

Bringing the Bible Out of the Closet

Sally Jenkinson


“I have read some interesting ideas in Rabbinic Literature and in Midrashim about how perhaps we can interpret the reference to ‘Adam’s rib’ in Genesis to mean ‘a whole side of his person’, meaning that God created, as the first human, an Androgyne.

We are all conflicted and carry multiple desires and personalities. I can identify much more easily myself with a genesis story where humans are created with an intrinisic gender contradiction (or perhaps not a contradiction, but a duplicity) within us, and a desire to quantify and explore those contradions. This might make some people brave, and scare some people, or make them bigotted.

We are all prone to loneliness. We cling to eachother and looking for meaning, and we all seek love. Would I break off one of my ribs out of desparation, if I was lonely and a higher power had promised to make a me perfect soul mate from it? Perhaps. But a more terrifying and bold and exciting and fulfilling option might be to explore the unholy mess that we’ve got inside ourselves, a mess that needs multiple gender / sexual / idioligical and emotional identities to make us the complicated and lovely humans that we are….”

Sally Jenkinson is a poet, writer and performer who lives in Bristol. But she is from Doncaster where they say poem like this… ‘poym’. She was a Poet Coach for Apples and Snakes’ ground-breaking national project Shake the Dust, and her debut collection ‘Sweat-borne Secrets’ was released in 2012 on Burning Eye Books. She writes about little things, elephants, train journeys, big things, sex, strangers and seasides.



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