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Sian Williams


Sian Williams is a musician, film maker and archivist based in Manchester/Salford. She will be arranging a visual installation:

“I would like to show a triptych of projections which I would premiere for Hidden Perspectives. It takes the form of three looped projections and a surround soundtrack. The projections are edited from 16mm analogue footage and leader collected during my work as a film archivist.These are the incongruous splices and scratched leader that emphasis films texture and tangibility. By queering formal film practice and referencing early religious art traditions, this triptych asks ‘Is Your Gate Clean?’ (film term) with the centre projection representing our present experience and the left and right projections (using the filmic terms of ‘header’ and ‘footer’) our past and future. ‘Is Your Gate Clean?’ is an analogue film term taking the form of a printed reminder on the surface of the film to the projectionist. When situated within this triptych the term is intended as a question for the viewer to ask themselves in regards to their bodily position and perspective in relation to the filmic body”

Sian will also be instructing and assisting some of the Hidden Perspectives student ambassadors with making and editing a short film of the festival to be screened at the Arts Enteprise evening on June 5th.



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