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Side By Side

sbs2The Side By Side drama group will be performing a piece of original work they have written and produced:

“The year is 2072. The UK have had a UKIP government since 2015 followed by a rapid hardening of attitudes towards the LGBT community, a vast number of whom have left the country to go and live in Europe. Religious texts have been cited to reinforce the government’s anti-gay stance and have been used to reverse some of the liberalising legislation of the early 21st Century. However, scientists have developed technology that may be able to reveal the truth of history and therefore challenge the status quo. The machine called the ‘’Quantum Ultraviolet Extra Energised Retina (QUEER) works by harnessing reflective images from far away planets and through massive magnification can now allow people to view the past!

This is presented in the form of a documentary that has been commissioned to be as neutral as possible, prior to the public revelation of actual footage of events in Jerusalem immediately after the death of Jesus Christ.

What will this reveal about the intention of religious texts at the point of being written compared to the way they are interpreted throughout history. Will this challenge the official hetero-normative line that the church perpetuates?”



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