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Tim Ralphs

timbyballs“Jonathon and David”

This is an hour long performance storytelling piece in which Tim Ralphs will be telling a rendition of the story of Jonathon and David from the Old Testament books of Samuel. This story will be interspersed with extracts from the life of gay people of faith that Tim has interviewed as a part of this project. As such, the show will highlight how the Biblical narrative explores themes that are both relevant and poignant to today’s listeners.

Tim Ralphs is a performance storyteller, host of Sheffield’s “The Story Forge”, and is in training to become an interfaith minister. His storytelling draws heavily on traditional material, folk tales and myth. He was an award winner at The Traditional Arts Team’s “Young Storyteller of The Year 2007”, and in 2012 he won a British Award for Storytelling Excellence for his collaborative performance of The Epic of Gilgamesh with Simon Heywood. He is currently a student of The One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, and is due to be ordained in August 2013.



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