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Famous people with facial scars

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Thank you for sharing this post with us. But they did use it in love and basketball. Their stories why they got those scars inspires the readers. There are lasers that can burn scars to create a fine finish. Do you think these stars walk about with scars on their face when they could be removed so easily ? they are millionaires ffs. Sanaa lathan has a scar on her face which i dont think she has ever revealed how she got it. I like to make the love with her and bend her scarred leg up behind her ears.


Famous people with facial scars. Here is a list of 15 celebrities that are known to have visible scars and the story about how they got them. Wendy you talk nonsence believe me it is not. This modern world does have the latest technology that can get rid of those scars. Parminder nagra very sexy.

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