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Fuck muslims and there screwed religon

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Canadian muslim professor: if you want sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from - freethought nation

Suggesting that by disliking islam and even objecting to being flooded with hordes of disrespectful immigrants is akin to white supremacy is truly egregious. So were the numerous acts of terrorism i have lived through in india. Fact to realize is, these illiterate, inbred muslims have been stupid, poor, illiterate, sociopaths, war-mongering savages for 1,400 years. We cannot celebrate our holidays.


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Fuck muslims and there screwed religon. You can never be sure with these people. There was one time when i was in court, and i see a mother with at least 7 children. Christians are retarded because most of them were raised up that way. Making sure women wear.


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5 ridiculous things you probably believe about islam

We live in a very modern, stable and secure nation and enjoy a very high standard of living. Toppled their democratically elected leaders and helped to install fundamentalist dictators. They always keep up talking even though people said they didn’t want a conversation.

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