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The other good thing about his dick is it got harder than any other dick i knew. But let me tell you about gerardo. Another guy was a mechanic, and he fixed her car for free. All of the guys at school would talk about how good she looked, and of course she knew it. I felt a little rejected, but asked him if could suck his dick again sometime, and he said in spanish, “i don’t know,” maybe because he felt guilty. I told him they were at the park, break dancing (that was in the 80’swhen break dancing was popular).


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Fuck my mom and me latino. He opened the door and said, “what’s up?”. She used her boyfriends for different things. He asked for something to drink, and i came back into the living room with a glass of coke. My name is rob.

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Using his two knees for support, i lifted myself off from the floor and walked away into the kitchen, switching my ass a little in case he was watching. Today she had a ponytail, was wearing a white shirt without sleeves.

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