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Girl cums squirt orgasm


Is female ejaculation just urine? | the sex md

Also, can you ejaculate without knowing. Please stop equating the female anatomy to that of a male. It turns us both on even more than what we already are. In other words, male ejaculate is a known, vital and lively substance.


Female ejaculate, urine or not?Sex toys that help you achieve a squirting orgasm

Intense stroking

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Girl cums squirt orgasm. To make a woman squirt is the best feeling it is cum and is not wee. Everyone is different and responds to different stimuluses. Creating the mood is important. I was just started the having fun with my wife and she is really enjoyed. She orgasmed so much in fact she thoroughly soaked the bed. I am still in awe that i could ever feel that way or that i was even capable of this.


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Well i have to admit my sheets and blankets were soaked and i am not sure what caused this. Make sure to experiment with how much pressure you apply. If squirting were a form of incontinence then the opposite would be true.

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