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Girls who love pantyhose


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And from here on the hell of sinful sensations is just started this way. Oh my god they sagged and look terrible. Then i went and got a few nightys and she is ok with me wearing them every night to bed. I think that she is bi because when we make love onw i am always fully dressed as a girl. I wear pantyhose as much and as often as i can.

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Girls who love pantyhose. This username or email is associated with a facebook account. I got support panty hose and she was ok with it because i told her the hose kept sliding down. A tan totally helps the white, pasty, veiny leg thing. Not the easy part of getting your girlfriends or wife to wear them rather the part about “me” wearing them. I do go shopping in the malls dresed this way and love it. Unless you layer socks over the top of the tights but no-one wants the toe sweats.


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While she is at work and when it is time to take them off it just kells me to have and get dressed as a male again. It seem to me that it was so much better they way he went at it. She asked me why i wear nightys and i told her that they are like a dress to me.

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