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Guys fingers in girls assholes

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Urban dictionary: baumert

So i asked him why. This really frustrates me. When you come home with giant, gallon buckets of lube, your neighbors should assume you’re painting your porch. Can apply extra pressure to the penis internally with their fingers.

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Guys fingers in girls assholes. I find it to be a good medium between mood killers, whether it be in-the-moment negotiations or total surprise. As a man, all the above is correct. If you don’t live on twitter, let me break it down for you: this wednesday kanye west went in on wiz khalifa with a 26-tweet-long attack calling the rapper “corny as fuck” and accusing him of getting “trapped” by ex-girlfriend amber rose. If he shrugs, you need to ask for clarification before you’re in (figuratively and literally). But i’ve heard that dudes like it because it intensifies their orgasm, and i think with anything sexual it’s so subjective and personal that it’s best just to let people crack on. Just don’t jump right into it next time because the focus needs to be her rather than the new exploration.


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Both how if feels to penetrate your bum, and how it feels internally as well. Maybe you’d feel less self-conscious if you’ve prepared yourself for it? maybe try sticking a finger in your own ass in the shower before sex, so you can see for yourself? if you just flat out don’t want it, you can always broach the subject beforehand, so there’s no awkwardness in the middle of the act. Some women (like my wife) have orgasms from anal sex and anal play.

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