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Typically, these types of casters are used to move heavy loads. They are usually installed on platform trucks and warehouse carts. They offer a high level of flexibility, and can move a heavy load in any direction. These casters also offer a smooth rolling experience.

How do you install caster wheels?

Typical applications for heavy duty rollers wheels include industrial manufacturing, assembly systems, and transportation systems. They are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and sizes. They can be used in indoor and outdoor installations. They are also popular for moving containers. Some of these types of casters also have braking features.

For example, Hamilton Casters offers a wide selection of premium forged steel swivel construction. They have double sealed precision ball bearings that are resistant to impacts and other hazards. The forged steel wheels have a slight crown that enhances rollability. They also have a central kingpin that is extremely stable. They also feature a heat treated king bolt that is resistant to damage.

Blickle also offers a wide selection of heavy duty wheels. These casters feature a durable, stable central kingpin and double ball bearings in the swivel head. They also have hardened bearing seats and are tested at higher speeds according to DIN EN 12533.

Heavy duty swivel casters are typically used for indoor and outdoor installations. They can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including smooth, semi-smooth, and textured surfaces. They are ideal for furniture trucks, hall tables, and movable kitchen islands.

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