How to Pick the Best Style of Collared Shirts

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collared shirts

There are many different styles of collared shirts to choose from. You can find short sleeve or long sleeve, casual or formal, and so on. Some of them are designed for business while others are for leisure. But no matter what style you choose, make sure to buy one that fits you well.

For the most part, there are two main types of collared shirts. There is the traditional one with the forward point and the buttonless version that makes the tie knot pop. But how do you pick the best style?

First, you need to understand the history of collared shirts. Originally, the collar was a symbol of status, wealth, and moral respectability. They were only worn by the wealthy.

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The modern day collar is actually a rounded collar. It was based on a frilly Elizabethan collar. There are also several other types of collars, including the mandarin collar, tab collar, and the sleeve cuff.

During the early 1900s, the club collar was very popular. It made students and teachers stand apart. They were designed for boarding schools in England. Its popularity increased with the success of Downton Abbey. Today, club collars are available in on-trend stores.

The overshirt is a similar design, but it is much more versatile. It can be worn with a smart blazer or a waistcoat. It can also be worn with a pair of jeans or shorts. But it does not replace a traditional collared shirt.

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